Competent Authority

Fiscal Affairs is responsible for the preparation of tax policy, tax legislation and tax treaties, the discussions on international tax arrangements and the implementation of these treaties.

Within this context the Minister of Finance is the competent authority for Curacao. The Minister can delegate others to act on his behalf when dealing with international tax matters.

Find below a list of the competent authorities for Curaçao.

  • Kenneth A. Gijsbertha
    The Minister of Finance
    The Competent Authority
  • Lysette E. Melfor, MSc
    Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance
    Delegated Competent Authority
  • Lisa L. Rodriguez, LL.M.
    Acting Director of Fiscal Affairs
    Delegated Competent Authority
  • Jose M.N. Jardim, Ph.D.
    Delegated Competent Authority